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How To Clean and Maintain Rhodium Plated Jewelry

How to Clean and Maintain Fabulous Look of Your Rhodium Plated Jewelry

It is truly simple and easy!!

To clean and maintain fabulous look of your rhodium plated jewelry, don't use any chemicals on it.  Not even toothpaste (that is for teeth only!). Do not use a toothbrush (if its used it can have residues of toothpaste and if it’s new then it may scratch the rhodium plate).  Please only use cloths for polishing that were specially produced to work with silver or gold jewelry.  Don't even think about an ultrasonic cleaner and for the love of GOD don't use any abrasive of any type.  Forget about silver dips. Don't even try products made from ammonia.  And if you have a very old piece of jewelry I recommend you to not clean it until you consult a jeweler.  You can wash any makeup ONLY with water or few drops of shampoo that is warm and then rub it off.

Here are some common issues that you may encounter:

With a rhodium plated ring that you use a lot, the rhodium plate will start to wear off because of the constant friction. The wear generally beings at the shank (the part of the ring that touches your skin). This will also happen with earrings, pendants and bangles.  If you have a rhodium plated piece of jewelry you'll notice the wearing when the metal starts to turn yellow or looks dull.

When dealing with jewelry that has beads, crystals, ornaments or stones cleaning it can be very complicated. You don't want to get the stones in contact with anything that may harm it, so your best choice is to wash any makeup or dirty ONLY with water or few drops of shampoo, then rub it off OR take it to a jeweler and ask for a recommendation.
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