Earrings & Belly Rings

ur Shiva Eyes shell earrings and belly rings are well-designed and fashionable.  We have solid 925 sterling silver with various types of materials besides Shiva Eyes seashells.  They are suited for all ages and you can wear in various occasions i.e. to work, to the party, to the beach.  Some of our elegant designs are suited well for business women.  We can also make these Shiva Shells earrings and belly rings to your order with other selection of seashells i.e.
Rainbow Abalone shells, White Mother-of-Pearl, Black Mother-of-Pearl, South African Turban shells, Wood, Red Coral and Turquoise.  
Custom Made Service
We have product inventory for about 30 to 100 pieces per item and we always refresh our stock items for most of our jewelry designs available for your immediate purchase.  
If you are interested to purchase or place an order, please download and fill out the ORDER FORMwrite down product ID and let us know the order quantity of each item with your full shipping address.   Send and email us with complete order form at [email protected] or [email protected].  We will confirm and get back to you for available items or ready to purchase items in our stock within 1 or 2 business days.  However, if we are out of stock - we will let you know the approximate production and delivery time.  Review more detail in  Custom Made Service, Production/Custom Made Criterior and Our Production.
Custom Made Service
Our Production
Our Production


Our Production

Custom Made Service





Order confirmation of ready to purchase items must be verified by customers within 3 business days for the final accuracy of order items, total price and quantity.  Upon your order is confirmed, customer must process full order payment to us immediately.  As soon as we receive your payment in our bank account, we will dispatch and ship all items to you within 48 hours. 


Our Production
We reserve the right at our discretion to automatically cancel, hold, and restrict any overdue order confirmation if customer is unable to validate your order confirmation within 3 business days and/or we did not receive your full payment once you confirm the order with us.Custom Made Service
Custom Made Service
Our Production
We will then deliver your order items to the next customer respectively.  Please understand that our order system is designed to get all orders delivered to our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.  
We will invoice and/or send Pay Pal payment request to collect full payment of total order before we will dispatch your order items.  Please also note that there will be a 5% additional charges of your total order if you choose to complete your purchase through PayPal.  See more information in How To Pay 

Please note that customers are responsible for any customs tax and duties for clearance.   The customer must pay any additional charges for customs clearance if any. We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice should exchange rate, or the market price of silver and/or other raw materials change significantly. 
If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] prior to ordering or purchasing jewelry, so we can answer them for you.  Weight and grams are approximate and are for the entire piece including stones and material accessories.  Weight may vary from piece to piece.  For more information on products, you are invited to download catalogue & price list and review each of our product specification. 
For retail buyer, please visit our shop Mrs. Shells and Silver on Artfire.com 
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