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Product Sample Policy

at US$3.99 for the first item
AND US$1.00 on each additional order items.

Shipping Policy

How To Order
e genuinely welcome and support our customers who wish to see our product samples to test the market before placing a large volume order with us.   We have drawn the outlined product samples policy as below.


For 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry items, the minimum product sample is 50 items per order at a time; with your choice of assorted designs. We allow various sizes of ring per order.  See Shipping Policy.


We collect a 100% Full Payment upfront plus shipping fee on every purchase of product sample order before shipment.


We do not distribute any PRODUCT SAMPLES for free.  Customers have to pay for each product sample order plus shipping fee.    

We ship FIXED RATE WORLDWIDE at US$3.99 for the first order item and US$1.00 for each additional order items.


To place a sample order, please download and fill out the ORDER FORM, write down product ID and let us know the order quantity of each item with your full shipping address. 
Send and email us with complete order form at [email protected] or [email protected].   We will confirm your order and get back to you with Order Confirmation for available items or ready to purchase items in our stock within 1 or 2 business days.  See more details in Custom Made Services and Our Production.
Sample Order Confirmation

Sample Order Confirmation of ready to purchase items must be verified by customers within 3 business days for the final accuracy of order items, total price and quantity.  Upon your sample order is confirmed, customer must process full sample order payment to us immediately.   As soon as we receive your payment in our bank account, we will dispatch and ship all items to you within 48 hours.


We reserve the right at our discretion to automatically cancel, hold, and restrict any overdue sample order confirmation if customer is unable to validate your sample order confirmation within 3 business days and/or we did not receive your full payment once you confirm the sample order with us.  We will then deliver your sample order to the next customer respectively.  Please understand that our sample order system is designed to get all orders delivered to our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


Custom Made Service
We will invoice and/or send Pay Pal payment request to collect full payment of total order before we will dispatch your order items.  Please also note that there will be a 5% additional charges of your total order if you choose to complete your purchase through PayPal.  See more information in How To Pay.


Customers are responsible for any customs tax and duties for clearance.  The customer must pay any additional charges for customs clearance if any.  Our company has no control over these charges and cannot predict how much they might be.  Customs policies vary from country to country; you should contact your local customs office in order to be fully informed prior to shipments.


We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice should exchange rate, or the market price of silver and/or other raw materials changed significantly.
Please review more about How to Order policy and Minimum Order policy.

For retail buyer, please visit our shop Mrs. Shells & Silver on 
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Minimum Order (MOQ)
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